Last Sunday we were invited to prepare lunch for Kate’s 30th birthday to be held in her parents beautiful garden in Morningside. Once canapés were served and everyone had champagne in their hands, guest were asked to walk to a lower lawn level.

The 2 boards were covered until everyone got there.

They unveiled the boards and the surprise was out – they were getting married.

Everyone could not believe it! It was such a perfect thing for them to do! The groom had told his brothers on Sunday morning but his parents had no idea! It was gorgeous!
Vicki had enough cheese to quickly throw together a cheesecake which looked so lovely!
What a lovely day.

The bride sent us a message a few days later

“I have spent 3 days answering a lot of questions about exactly what a surprise wedding is. Clearly we are more original than we thought we were!

Thank you so much for being part of our day, and for taking so much of the admin and logistics and so many details off of our hands that we could just enjoy it- leading up to it, and on the day. I am almost a little sad our secret is out I was so enjoying day dreaming about all the different reactions people may have. Our day was perfect, and EXACTLY what we wanted. We know we threw you in the deep end a bit, but we wanted a celebration, not a wedding- and we got it!

As you can imagine, I got hardly any lunch, but what I did find time to eat quickly was delicious. Everybody has been raving about the food so I know it was as good as the other events of yours I have been to. Thank you so much, we really appreciate all your help from menu choices, to décor, flowers, bunting etc! I hadn’t even got round to thinking about chairs and tables and umbrellas, so thank goodness we had the meeting in the garden!

I am so glad you were there for the ‘big reveal’ and were part of our day

Love Kate”

All the pictures are courtesy of Charles Johnstone Photography

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