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Canapés are enjoying a comeback at the moment. After a stage where they were left behind in menu design we are now embracing new ideas and flavours.

A good selection of canapés can really boost a run-of-the-mill function and add flair and creativity. So what makes a good selection? How can you arrange a menu that doesn’t let you down?

Be bold – but not crazy

Don’t settle for soggy, cold samoosas and store bought quiches. A good canapé should be quirky  enough and yet still familiar. We love taking old ideas and reworking them into new concepts. The trick is making it recognisable. We’ve played with some really interesting ideas but at the end of the day we’ve had to accept that a cocktail party needs good cocktail snacks – not a trip down the rabbit hole

Ideas we’ve tried which work include

Brie and fig springrolls

Baby beef wellingtons with horseradish cream

Mango and chicken wonton parcels

Mini fish tacos

Individual steak ‘sandwiches’ (see picture below)

A new take on a classic steak sandwich

Speak to your crowd

When putting together a new menu one of the first things we ask is “Who is going to be there, and when is it?” This is vital. A very staid crowd won’t appreciate tofu and sriracha as the hipsters might. Early evening events with lots of alcohol will need meatier substantial options. When a crowd is very mixed (as with weddings) it is always better to stick to the tried and tested, done beautifully.

Individual beef wellingtons

Presentation is everything

Canapés look great on bigger platters. You don’t want to bunch them all together on a tiny plate. They need room to announce their presence. Garnish each one individually – even going as far to have them on individual mini-plates. This also works because guests can then pick one up and walk away, and not have to eat in one bite. Straight lines always look better – even on round platters. And arrange them all facing the same way to really push that wow factor.


Big is not always better

Canapés are intended to be eaten quickly and with minimal fuss mostly to avoid awkward ‘taking a bite and having to answer a question’ moments. They shouldn’t require weird facial contortions to eat and should never need more than one hand – the other should be purely for drinks. Because they are usually eaten standing up messy items should be ditched. One or two bites, in the mouth and off we go.

Always try to keep canapes bite size for ease when eating

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