Sweet figs and salty Parma ham make this an unforgettable Easter Lunch Dish

Easter lunch is one of those very special family occasions. Most people have memories of Easter that revolve around the food and the feeling of family and home. This year we put our heads together and came up with some recipes to make your Easter lunch menu really stand out.

We’re starting with fresh figs wrapped in Parma ham with gorgonzola cream. There is nothing that compares to the unique flavour and texture of fresh figs.  Being an autumn fruit the fig season is annoyingly short, which makes this starter that extra special. The sweet of the fruit and the saltiness of the ham and the cheese in this simple recipe combine to create a really special flavour sensation.

Plated 1

Recipe – Makes 4 portions

8 ripe fresh figs

8 slices Parma ham

120g gorgonzola

100ml cream

Washed Rocket to garnish

Preheat the oven to 180°C

Fresh figs

Make an X in the top of each fig, being careful not to cut them through the base

Wrap each fig in a slice of Parma ham




Bake for about 10 minutFresh figses, until Parma is a bit crispy and the figs are oozing

Gently melt the gorgonzola and cream together on a medium heat

To serve, put 2 figs per plate and pour a little sauce over them and garnish with rocket.


سایتپارتیشنپارتیشنکاشت موپارتیشن اداری