We met Russell and Rob in the middle of last year to discuss their wedding. They had set their hearts on Katy’s Palace Bar and after hearing their ideas we knew it would work perfectly! They had a few guidelines – it was very important to them both to be as traditional as possible, no gimmicks and most of all, no cheesiness!



The guys like a Ralph Lauren look – hence the stripes, black, white and gold. Russell gave us a mood board to work off and then we went for it. We worked together with Hire Society to find the pieces to make it extra special. Candles were important – lighting is playing a much bigger role in décor now. Kyla came up with the idea for the pineapples and we had so much fun with them that it wasn’t until we had  a mock up of the table that we realised that there were no flowers! The ballon drop was another great idea – haven’t used that for ages and it really is so effective. We did it instead of throwing the garter (obviously there wasn’t one). Loads of huge black, white and gold balloons in a net were released from the ceiling during the first dance – stunning moment.


For the menu we met both sets of parents for a tasting and decided to serve food that everyone loves and not tortured “Cheffy food”. It was simple but tasty and beautiful – vegetable tarts, fillet with chips and a big dessert and cheese table for later.


Gold can be garish but we used a combo of black, white and gold candlesticks for that reason. All the candles were white. By using the gold tastefully we produced a really unique exceptional space for our couple. For other couples looking to incorporate gold please don’t go mad with too much gold! Less is definitely more with gold. Use small touches.


Russell and Rob were such a great couple to work with and we are so happy we could compliment them both. We are so looking forward to seeing them again!





Sweet figs and salty Parma ham make this an unforgettable Easter Lunch Dish

Easter lunch is one of those very special family occasions. Most people have memories of Easter that revolve around the food and the feeling of family and home. This year we put our heads together and came up with some recipes to make your Easter lunch menu really stand out.

We’re starting with fresh figs wrapped in Parma ham with gorgonzola cream. There is nothing that compares to the unique flavour and texture of fresh figs.  Being an autumn fruit the fig season is annoyingly short, which makes this starter that extra special. The sweet of the fruit and the saltiness of the ham and the cheese in this simple recipe combine to create a really special flavour sensation.

Plated 1

Recipe – Makes 4 portions

8 ripe fresh figs

8 slices Parma ham

120g gorgonzola

100ml cream

Washed Rocket to garnish

Preheat the oven to 180°C

Fresh figs

Make an X in the top of each fig, being careful not to cut them through the base

Wrap each fig in a slice of Parma ham




Bake for about 10 minutFresh figses, until Parma is a bit crispy and the figs are oozing

Gently melt the gorgonzola and cream together on a medium heat

To serve, put 2 figs per plate and pour a little sauce over them and garnish with rocket.


Milk tart. Few traditional desserts conjure up such nostalgia as this South African classic. In fact, we love it so much that we have even dedicated a day to it.When we heard National Milk Tart day was approaching we had absolutely NO questions about which milk tart recipe we would share with you. We have become so used to shop bought milk tarts (everywhere does one) and this recipe truly puts them all to shame.

This has been our go-to for years- since our friend Robyn made one using her Gran’s recipe. It truly is the king of the milk tarts and, being no-bake, is so easy and quick to make. Get it ready the day before and it can sit in the fridge. But you don’t need to share it. Because of the egg whites it is incredibly light and perfect for afternoon tea or with a mid-morning coffee.

Milk tart 1

Robyn’s Gran’s Regte Egte Milk Tart Recipe


1 1/2 pkts tennis biscuits

100g melted butter


1lt milk

1 cup milk – kept aside

1 cup sugar

1 stick cinnamon

2 tsp vanilla essence

4 large eggs

4 heaped tbsp maizena

2 tbsp butter

Base and egg whites

Make biscuit base using tennis or ginger biscuits crushed and mixed with butter. Line pan and refrigerate til needed


Slowly heat 1l milk, cinnamon, sugar and butter

Separate eggs

Mix yolks with reserved cup milk and maizena

Whip white to stiff peaks

When milk mix boils, remove from heat, take cinnamon out and add maizena mix – watch for lumps!

Add vanilla and put back on heat until it boils again, stirring constantly

Take off heat and add whites with metal spoon, folding in to keep aerated

Pour into base, sprinkle well with ground cinnamon and set in fridge


With Coffee Slice

On Saturday we hosted a Mad Hatter’s themed event at Katy’s Palace Bar for 115 guests. We had a Mad Hatter inspired menu with a main course of fillet with purple mash, star butternut and “magic” mushrooms topped off with freshly poured gravy.

Thanks to Charles Johnstone for sending us some of the images that we could use for this post. And thanks to the team at Hire Society for the incredible decor.

pic 0

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

Until next time,

Last week we catered a luncheon event at Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville. We had 110 lovely ladies and enjoyed seeing all the pink in the decor.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

Until next time,

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