On the 28th February Katy’s Palace Bar and Little Pink Book played host to a group of beautiful brides and their special guests attending the first wedding workshop for 2013. If you have not yet visited this venue, do yourself a favour and get there! We were lucky enough to have the owner of Katy’s Palace Bar, Mark Valentine, give us a brief history of the venue. I’m not going to give the whole story away, but let me assure you that it is a result of passion and a ‘just do it’ attitude.

The suppliers who entertained and enlightened our brides included Niki from Fresh Catering, who laid out a feast for the guests and really shed light on various aspects and options of wedding catering. Vanessa from Delicious Gifts was there to talk about cakes and gifting. Should you be looking for gifts for your guests or bridesmaids, you will find many options to buy online at her lovely website. Luxury Brands sponsored these gorgeous Evian water bottles, beautiful enough to put on any wedding table!

Bonita from Deliciae was busy from early that morning setting up the flowers and décor, which complimented the venue very well! Nadia from Cut Out Design showed off some of her stunning laser cut invitations and wedding stationery. If you want to add a creative and special element to your day, then have a look at their website and get some inspiration.

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A large part of what every bride is thinking about includes dress, shoes and lingerie and we had some very trusted and special people there to talk the brides through their options. Odelia from Joy Bridal Shoes has a range of shoes that really caterers for so many styles. Olga from the The Wedding Box had a stunning display of dresses and spoiled every bride with a very special gift! Virginia from Vanita enlightened the brides about some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing your bridal underwear.

An element of every wedding that actually takes place center stage, but might not get enough attention, is the first dance.  Charis from Kaliente, along with her dance students, entertained us with a flash mob Tango performance. Her passion is turning non-dancers into dancers and her analogy of creating the perfect ‘burger’ is fitting for every couple.

Bringing all these elements to life, as the sun set over the Sandton skyline, were Sunet and Le Roux from LJ Sound Productions. Their choice of music was perfect and set the soundtrack for the evening, which transported us all somewhere very exotic and romantically foreign.

With the reputation the legal sector has, nobody would have expected the lawyers from Bhika Calitz to be so entertaining!

The whole event was captured by Lorette from Lorette Appel Photography as well as Nicholas from Romanza Films.

I do like a bit of a large function – it definitely keeps our eye in and the thrill of feeding 700 guests all at once with delicious hot food is a great challenge for us. We love it

We had the opportunity to work with the girls from Ice Solution. They put on a fantasy carnival-themed evening for the guys from The Ford Motor Company. Our brief was to do passed around carnival food – think popcorn, baby hotdogs, candy floss, and all that jazz. We went a little wild with masks and feather boas and stadium trays wrapped with bright ribbons. We really got to be a little out there. This was followed by steaming plates of lamb shank on creamy mash and as the plates of hot and delicious food went out in a flash of waiters I couldn’t help but be proud of our team. We finished off with baby golden apple tartlets – so sweet, and other yummy desserts. All in all it was a brilliant evening.

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