Vicki Clarke and Nikki Gaskell started Fresh at the tail end of 2003, at that time of year when the summer sun starts to burn strong. Both Nikki and Vicki have a love for unusual flavour pairings and sumptuous elegance that are reminiscent of our age-old ability to celebrate with food.

We love good food and we like to see people happy


What began as simply a catering company has now grown into a full-service catering and events business. The two go hand-in-hand and allow the owners to craft a complete experience for their clients that is laced with the distinctiveness for which Fresh has become known.

It makes sense, doesn’t it, to offer the whole package?

After all, the point of engaging a catering and event company is to ease the client’s worries


Fresh is also known for the warmth and can-do attitude which both women radiate. Their ability to listen to a client’s needs and then make something out of nothing but an idea is almost magical.

“We don’t compile fixed menus that we pick and choose from,” says Vicki. She clarifies, “We like to listen to what the client wants, what they’re envisioning, what their budget is and then work from there.”

Fresh knows just what it takes to make people ooh! and ahh! at a sophisticated product launch or a company function. And when it comes to intimate dinners in private homes or memory-making weddings and birthdays, this company definitely pulls out all the stops!